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Affiliate Program

- Increase your Site Traffic with our affiliate program
- Our Site Conversion is good; we have many link partners worldwide
- High site popularity, High Page Ranking

a) We have a better site conversion, and high traffic to our website.
b) You can earn up to defined % as commission by selling our templates.
c) We have many link partners to our site and have good site popularity.

About Affiliate Program
You can easily join as our affiliate member. If you own a website and you are interested in selling our products through your website. you can join as our affiliate member. Our sites have High Pageranking and High Traffic. Our site conversion is good. By selling our products, you earn 30% as commission from our affiliate program. If you join our affiliate program, your site traffic and site popularity will also increase.

How our affiliate program works?

1. We will provide you with banners, text ads, and other promotional materials to help you advertise.

2. You will earn defined % commission on each sale.

3. Promote our affiliate program to other admin's & webmaster's and you will earn defined % of the value of the commissions they earn.

4. Affiliate cookies and IP tracking are good for a year; you will earn commissions from visitors you sent months ago.

5. Real-time instant tracking and reporting will be provided.

6. You will receive instant automatic email notification for all commissions!

7. Payments will be processed and sent out on the 15th of each month.