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Groupon Script - Groupon Software

Manual Installation:

  • 1. Create the database and upload all required queries in that database.
  • 2.You have create dboperation.php and docroot.php file includes folder
  • 3.Update the database information in dboperation.php file
  • 4.Update your docroot in docroot.php file $docroot =
  • 5.Give the file permission to upload folder

Facebook Configuration:

  • 1.Go to facebook and create the application
  • 2.Call back url must be
  • 3.Copy the API key and secret key
  • 4.Configure it in config file


  • 1.To creating the new language option, go to language folder and create your language file
  • 2.Update the array values with your language meaning
  • 3.Update language list in array variable of config.php file


  • 1.All plug-in are available in /plugins/common.php file
  • 2.To change the facebook fan page replace your code in fanpage() function
  • 3.Social media comment is useful to posting the comments for deals. It has many features. Your comment will be publish under the deals information. In backend your comment will publish into all social media application with your page url. Suppose want to replace this commenting system, you can edit in social_media_comment() function. More details about social media commenting visit
  • 4.You can edit the social media share icon in social_share() function which is under every deals list
  • 5.You can edit the social media share icon in social_share_1() function which is under the google map of deals

Admin Panel:

  • 1.Access your admin panel through this url format
  • 2.After logged in, you can do all backend functionality. You have the login information which is given in installation time.
  • 3.You can generate the sitemap file by clicking "Generate sitemap" link from left menu. It will be created in
  • 4.You can generate RSS file by clicking "RSS" link from left menu. It will be created in
  • 5.You can handle all basic functionality by clicking left side menus


  • 1.At present we have paypal test account, you can change payment information in modules/payment/paypal.php file
  • 2.After successful of payment, it will redirect to success.php file.
  • Images:

  • 1.Images will be stored in uploadscoupons folder with some deals random code name. The random code is available in database.


  • 1.Admin can enable the discussion option in general settings. Its optional. Either you can enable social commenting system or discussion.
  • 2.So user can start discussion about deals. They must login to start the discussion.

Friend referral:

  • 1.User can share the their unique referral link to any websites like facebook, twitter and etc..,
  • 2.Get $10 in Groupon Bucks when someone you invite gets their first Groupon. There's no limit on how much you can earn!
  • 3.$10 will be updated by admin from admin panel. You can change this value.
  • 4.Users can manage the referred list and earned amount