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Our MLM software suite helps you to streamline all your efforts without any trouble. Our MLM Application describes the tools to manage and allows you to track your customer, as well as organize the reports of sales, revenue and profit. The feature allows the admin to change the discounts and commission structure for people at various levels of the MLM tree at any time. The administrator sets an "effective date" for each change, and the system uses the new structure for calculation of any transaction occurring after that date.

Highlights Features Of MLM

Binary Referral System
The binary plan is a multilevel marketing plan which permits the distributors to have only two front-line distributors. If a distributor sponsors more than two distributors, the excess are placed at levels below the sponsoring distributor's front-line. The Member has to balance down lines in efficient manner.

MLM Capability - Unlimited Level Deep
The MLM capability of MLM largely depends upon on Network Settings which is considered to be the heart of MLM. Based the settings made in Network Settings only, the complete site will run. Using this settings, you can set the level of matrix to be followed in site. In general, there are three basic methods like m x n matrix, X-Up level System and Binary System.

M x N Matrix
It is a standard program structure, typically used for affiliate programs. Here in M x N refers to width and deep down line of several combinations. Admin can set the level width and deep in the network setting for matrix structure

Australian X-Up System. (Any Pass Up)
The X – Up system is generally regarded to as an Australian 2-Up, where in the X-Up System structure will automatically transfer the first X recruits of each member to the member's sponsor. In other words, all new members must recruit X members in order to become qualified. Once qualified, all future recruits will be given to them, instead of their sponsor.

Forced Matrix
A forced matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals any affiliate can refer
Each person's level one can only be as many as the matrix is wide. So a 2x3 matrix means your first level can only have 2 people in it. So when you refer in someone, their first level can only have 2 people in it as well. Your second level will have 8, third level will have 16 members.

Unilevel Referral
It is regarded as the simplest of compensation plans. admin can enable the unilevel refreral system by setting the level width to that the members can have unlimited numbers of direct referrals

Auto Spill Over
MLM has an easily configurable feature for binary referring to promote more growth to your program and with an additional auto-spill over feature. The auto spill over is graded in the binary referral system and forced matrix system which is a MLM compensation plans allowing the distributors to have only limited distributors & when a distributor sponsors more than limit, the excess are placed at levels below the sponsoring distributor's front-line
Admin Features
  • Secure login.
  • Advanced site statistics.
  • Facility to change password.
  • Upload logo for your company.
  • Entering site name, site moto and the text to be displayed in footer.
  • Enhanced search engine to view the user information.
  • View user summaries.
  • Viewing members withdraw details.
  • Managing the upgrade request.
  • Changing the upgrade account status from waiting to process.
  • Lists the waiting and processed upgrade accounts separately.
  • Displays all the withdrawal request arrived from users.
  • Provides benefit to confirm the withdrawal request.
  • View pending withdrawal and success withdrawal.
  • Withdraw or cancel withdrawal request.
  • Enhanced downline builder management.
  • Adding unlimited downline builder program.
  • Highly developed mass pay functionality.
  • Automatic email notification for all activities.
  • Setting the amount to be collected for upgrading the account.
  • Facility to set the sponsor bonus.
  • Set minimum withdrawal fee.
  • Separate module to delete all free members.
  • Simple mail configuration.
  • Sending mails to all users at a time.

Matrix and Level Management

  • Set the type of matrix to be used.
  • Set the level commission fees.
  • Facility to change or delete the level commission fees.

Referral Management
  • Advanced top referrals management.
  • View member's downlines, prospect, and personal referral.
  • Search engine to find out the top referrals listed based on the date
  • Effective commission tracking system for individual members.

Special Features
  • Adding Testimonials.
  • Edit/delete member's testimony.
  • Privilege to suspend/activate the testimonials.
  • Supports video embed.
  • Advanced CMS for About Us, Welcome Message, How it Works? etc...
  • FAQ manager.

User Management
  • Managing verified and unverified users separately.
  • Provides privilege to verify users directly.
  • Send validation mails to users in a single click.
  • Manual selection of modifying free members as paid members.
  • View/edit/delete member information.

User Features
  • Eye-catching home page.
  • View full statistics report.
  • Simple and fast registration.
  • Forgot password recovery.
  • Edit profile information.
  • Tell a friend option.
  • Member's earning history.
  • View top sponsor.
  • Attractive display of downline members.
  • Sending withdrawal request to Admin.
  • Provides promotional tools.
  • Advanced downline builder management.
  • Supports the functionality to view upline members.
  • Sending feedback to Admin.

  • Safe and secure.
  • Secure login with encrypted password.

  • Professional website design.
  • Customizable design templates.
  • Provides WYSIWYG editor.

  • Simple and fast installation.
  • Web based installation.
  • Easy web based administration; all management is done through your browser.
  • Easy installation script. No editing of the php source files! Upload and install with easy.
  • All web browser compatibility.
  • Web based setup wizard.
  • Fully customizable templates.

Website Hosting and Email
  • Hard disk space up to 3GB
  • Monthly bandwidth transfer limit up to 90GB.
  • E-mailbox storage – 500