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Bulk E-mail Service

Bulk E-mail Service

Tailored to the Indian business environment

Our capabilities include research, copywriting, visual design, content production, distribution, campaign management and reporting, and are available through:

  • Packaged solutions

designed to provide flexibility and value for money

  • Customised solutions

including strategic planning and advice

  • Consulting services

tailored to your unique requirements

Today the possible applications for Email Marketing are almost limitless. To find out how companies in your industry are already taking advantage of Email Marketing select your industry from the list.

Proactive provides specialised Bulk Email Marketing services to Indian clients across all business sectors.

Bulk email is the mass distribution of emails, whether for personal or business use, to a targeted group of people. Unfortunately a lot of bulk email is unsolicited, and therefore technically a form of spam. However, a perfectly acceptable type of bulk email is that which people opt into, usually as subscribers to a mailing list, and can opt out of at any time.

Proactive, an Indian web development and online marketing firm, specialises in the development of email marketing programs that take the 'bulk' out of bulk email. By that we mean a system that lets you personalise your bulk emails to the unique characteristics and interests of your subscribers.

We have developed a leading edge email marketing tool that automates the tedious organisational and administrative tasks involved in sending bulk emails. Maintaining an evolving list of subscribers is just one of the time-consuming tasks in the manual bulk email process. Our bulk email software continually updates multiple mailing lists without your intervention, leaving to concentrate on the content of your emails.

But even when it comes to bulk email content, Proactive's bulk email software does much of the hard yards for you. Ready-made, brand able design templates for things like e-newsletters are at your disposal, dispensing of the need for a graphic designer. An in-built database compiles a useful personal picture of each of your subscribers, a valuable source of marketing data.

This leads us to the next amazing feature in our bulk email software: the ability to segregate your subscribers according to their background, interests and buying behaviour, which can be targeted through relevant, customised, personalised content. Merged text elements in your so-called 'bulk email' have the end result of sending multiple variations of the same email, without having to write more than one template message.

You can even build customised lists for your bulk email campaigns through a list builder feature. You can target a segment of your customer base for a particular product or service according to your chosen characteristics such as gender, age, or geographic location. Proactive's bulk email software will then automatically place the subscribers fitting that description into a newly created list for your next email.

Even monitoring the success of your bulk email campaigns is easy thanks to the statistical tracking component of Proactive's email marketing program. As your click-through response rates are formulated into revealing graphs and tables, you will instantly see which links and products have generated the most interest, and gradually develop a more intimate understanding of your entire customer base.

Create and customize email newsletters

Don't have HTML knowledge? Never fear! Simply use our easy-to-use, powerful editor. You can even edit images and text inside of images with our editor! And choose one of 300 free email-newsletter templates!

Build and manage your opt-in email lists

It's easy to manage and grow your list (whether it's got 100 subscribers or 100,000) with our list management tools. Create a subscription form for your website in a few simple steps.

Ensure delivery of your email campaigns

An in-house compliance team manages our relationships with ISPs and makes sure we follow all best practices, so we can maintain our industry leading inbox delivery rates. A free spam checker helps you see any issues that might affect delivery of your emails.

Track campaigns and learn from monitoring your reports

What use is a great email marketing campaign without it being measurable? Get more for your money - check out your free GraphicMail drill-down reports and campaign statistics after every send.


Look at all these tools to automate your email campaigns - save time scheduling sends.

Social Media and Interaction

Combine email and social media and keep you client interaction going long after you've pressed the send button. Move your email marketing into the Web 2.0 space!


Optimize your email marketing campaign by integrating your GraphicMail reports with Google Analytics, sending an A/B test by using Inbox Preivew to see how your newsletters will look in different email clients.

Content creation

Create your email marketing newsletter with our savvy 2011 editor, import HTML, embed images, customize footer and sub form.