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• Whom do I contact if my company is interested in outsourcing some software development work to KRISHNA TECHNOLOGY Solutions?
You can either email us at with your requirement or you can call us at (+91) 90248 67896. You will receive a response from Krishna Technology in very short time.

• What mode of payment does KRISHNA TECHNOLOGY Solutions accept?
We prefer to have the payments wired (Telegraphic Transfer) to us. We will send you our bank details once the project is underway.

• What currencies does KRISHNA TECHNOLOGY Solutions accept?
We accept all currencies, but we appreciate if it is in US dollar.

• When do I have to make the payment for the development?
For small projects less than a month long, the payment can be made after the completion of the project after deducting about 50% of the project cost which is taken as advance. For larger projects we request the payment in phases on a monthly basis as per defined milestones. It is also possible to negotiate alternative payment terms.

• If I request a change, will there be an extra charge to incorporate it?
The extra charge will depends on the nature of work and estimated time required for the change.

We normally don't charge extra if....The change requested is a modification of an existing featureThe change is requested much earlier in the development cycle

We would charge extra if... The change requested is an addition to the softwareThe change requested requires extensive modifications to the software The change is requested much later in the development cycle

All requests for changes are treated on a case by case basis and we will not normally charge extra if the change would not take more than a couple of man hours to implement. Of course we will also take the overall size of the project into account, when deciding this.

• Can I request changes to the software while the development is in progress?
We have been in this business for long and realize that it is not possible to think of everything before the start of the project. We regularly send you a work in progress copy of the software so that we can incorporate your inputs about the functionality or user interface of the software. We take care to incorporate any suggestion made by you. After all, this is what customized software development is all about. But the client should appreciate changes at the later stage of any development calls for a major rework.

• Can the developers speak English?
All personnel at KRISHNA TECHNOLOGY Solutions can speak fluent English.

• How will one know about the status of the project?
The leader of your project will be your main point of contact for that project. Our developer will send you regular emails with the details of the current status of the project. If possible a work in progress copy of the software will be attached to the message. This can help you suggest any inputs from your side regarding the functionality.

• How will KRISHNA TECHNOLOGY Solutions deliver the software?
We find the Internet to be the most efficient medium for delivering updates. We send regular updates by email or make the upload available to you at our site for download.

• How do you estimate the project development cost?
We work on fixed man-hour rates (one man working for one project for one hour). We estimate the number of man-hours it will take to complete the project. The quote for the project is calculated by multiplying the estimated man- hours by the man-hour rate.

• Does having more developers make development more expensive?
No, having more developers does not make the development more expensive. The development can be completed in a shorter period of time. A single developer can do the same in two weeks time spam and the same can probably be done by two developers in one weeks time. Therefore the man hours required remains the same.

• Can I have more than one developer working on my project?
Yes, if the nature of the project allows it, you can have n number of developers working on the project. We will normally assign more developers for a project if the project is large or has to be completed in a short time frame.

• When would be the final product be delivered?
Once the client approves the proposal and the project information is received, we begin with the work.

• What must be included in the project speicifications?
The following details must be included, in your project specifications. A very detailed description of the project requirement, along with the technologies you want us to implement on your project. The maximum time for the project delivery. We would also like to have the connected links to be send as attachments of related softwares. This will be required if the project involves modification or up gradation of an existing program. Please do not send us any attachments larger than 10 MB in size. For files larger than 10 MB, send us the URL to the files and we will download them separately.

• Is there a charge for studying the project specifications?
No, there is absolutely no charge for studying the project specifications off site.

• What information is required by KRISHNA TECHNOLOGY for a quick quote?
We will need your Name, Company Name, Contact Information and the Project Specifications.

• How long does it take to receive a quote?
You will normally receive the first response from KRISHNA TECHNOLOGY Solutions within 24 hours of the receipt of your message. The time required for the quote varies according to the size and complexity of the project. If the project is small and the specifications clear, we will send the quote along with the first response. When specifications are clear most quotes are sent within 1 to 4 working days.

• What are the modes to outsource the project to Krishna Technology?
We begin by discussing the extent of the project as accurately as possible. Level of modules, details per modules, size and complexity, and schedule are typically required to begin work. Once we define the scope, a brief proposal of our services is prepared for the approval of our client's by our expertise.

• Why would one outsource their development work to KRISHNA TECHNOLOGY Solutions?
We have the vital experience of more than 3 yrs to handle offshore software development projects in Microsoft Technology.Krishna Technology has pursued best practices which enable all type of companies to operate more efficiently and create value for end-users. We have access to good infrastructure and highly skilled English speaking man power. We have expertise team in Microsoft Solutions.

• How is working long distance possible for Krishna Technology?
With email, faxing, teleconferencing and overnight delivery, it is possible to communicate immediately and stay in touch with the progress of the project.

• How do we start?
Give us a mail to request or fill the quote form. Awaiting a reply from you at the earliest.

• How does one get the quote for the project?
Please mail us at or you can fill our free quote form with your requirements. We will get back with a quote for the project, after we have a brief study on your project specifications.In case we find the details provided by you insufficient for a quote, we shall get back to you with relevant questions on your project.