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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Engagement with Krishna Technology

We usually make a contract with fixed price. We submit quotes stating individual items and their costs. A proposal is issued specifying why clients should choose us and what we will do to solve the problem. Also Term sheets are available with price terms, installation time, applied resources, service-level agreement terms, termination clauses and payment terms. Please read our standard business terms below:

Standard business terms:
- 30% prepayment for project over $10000, the remaining upon submission of deliverables
- we provide a questionnaire to a client to give us a general description of the system to be developed
- we take 5 business days to compile RFP
- together with a client we elaborate Statement of Work for a project
- we require a NDA and contract to be signed
- we secure our client’s funds with escrow account
- additional work is charged at $12-$35/hour
- balance is paid upon final approval of work but prior to delivery

1. Fee Structure:
All kind of coding whether it is HTML fixes, Scripting, any Database kind of changes or Graphics changes, the hourly rate will be 15$ to 20$ per hour (depends on per task basis). Hourly rates will be adjusted semi-annually to reflect changes in the cost-of-living index as published. If overtime (expedited work in case of emergency and need it right now) is required, the one-half of regular hourly rate is charged at direct cost to the project. Unless otherwise stated, any cost estimate presented in a proposal is for budgetary purposes only, and is not a fixed price. The client will be notified through an invoice or email when a payment date is reached.

2. Maintenance Cost:
a.] Fix for issues out of current release task: In this scenario, no additional cost will be incurred as this cost is on us, provided the fix is within the specified task list. The changes should be notified to us within 2 weeks of the release unless and otherwise noted separately with a different time limit at the commencement of the task.
b.] New requirement or additional requirement: If we have a additional requirement then a new task list will be prepared which will be worked on based on the fee structure mentioned in the point 1 above.
c.] Annual Contract: Annual maintenance contract will not follow the fee structure mentioned in point 1 above. A separate agreement will be laid with a monthly payout fee before the commencement of actual maintenance.

3. Payment:
For projects over $1000
25% = On signing of the contract
25% = Prototype and acceptance of Requirement specifications
50% = After successful acceptance of the project
For project upto $1000
50% = Project Initiation
50% = Project Completion

1. The term User shall refer to the user who is browsing the site. The term Krishna Technology shall refer to Krishna Technology India Private Limited. The term Site refers to www.Krishna owned and monitored by Krishna Technology.

2. By using the Site, you agree to follow and be bound by the following terms and conditions concerning your use of the Site. Krishna Technology may revise the Terms of Use at any time without notice to you.

3. All work is done on a Time and Material basis and all invoices are due on receipt. Client can choose an hourly or project basis plan.

4. It is client’s responsibility Respond to queries raised by Krishna Technology within 2-3 days of Krishna Technology request to avoid delays in project.

5. Krish Tech does not make any performance guarantee and does not guarantee any delivery dates. Client is responsible for working with the resources on the project and providing adequate feedback to ensure projects are on track. If client is unsatisfied with a resource working on his project, then client can recommend replacement or termination of the resource by sending a written request to the Project manager. All invoices will be prorated to the day the request was received.

6. Client is responsible for procuring and providing access to licenses for any software needed for this project.

7. If any APIs or dependencies are there due to a 3rd party vendors or component, then it is client’s responsibility for communicating with them as well as for procurement of such components.

8. Shall not try directly or indirectly to induce the employees or the management team working on the project, to make any alterations in the project or to perform any other related work/project outside the scope of the agreement, at an unofficial level.

9. Client does not have the right to hire any of Krishna Technology employees/consultants directly and does not have the right to source code if client fails to pay invoices in due time.

10. The Client shall not be entitled to have the access to the source code unless all pending dues are cleared in time.

11. Krishna Technology shall have no responsibility for any damage to User's computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any content, materials, information from the Site.

12. The User's right to privacy is of paramount importance to Krishna Technology. Any information provided by the User will not be shared with any third party. Krishna Technology reserves the right to use the information to provide the User a more personalized online experience.

13. All content present on this site is the exclusive property of Krishna Technology. The software, text, images and graphics used on this site belong to Krishna Technology. No material from this site may be copied, modified, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transmitted, posted or distributed in any form without prior written permission from Krishna Technology. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Unauthorized use of the materials appearing on this site may violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws, and could result in criminal or civil penalties. 14. All work and engagement between Krishna Technology and Client shall be governed by the laws of the State of New Jersey.