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The Link Exchange is a free link exchange directory with categorized listings of sites that actively exchange links. Browse the directory for quality sites with topics that your visitors would find useful. Then contact a site's webmaster, either directly or through the directory, to exchange links. You can even add your own site to the directory so that other webmasters will find it - for free! All we ask is for a link back from your site to the Link Exchange Directory.

What sets The Link Exchange apart from other link exchange directories is the quality of the sites we list, the number of sites to choose from (over a thousand and counting), and the ease and convenience of finding link exchange partners and adding your own site. With nothing to lose and skyrocketing website traffic to gain, let's get started!

Why Exchange Links?

Link Exchange Increases PageRank - Google's PageRank is an important measure of the popularity of each web page. The higher your site's PageRank, the better your site will rank in Google's search results. The more high quality links you have pointing to your site, the higher its PageRank will climb.

Link Exchange Increases Link Popularity - The number and quality of websites that link to your website (link popularity) is one of the most important factors that help ALL search engines (not only Google) to determine your site's relevance for a search phrase. Exchanging reciprocal links with other websites has proven to be an extremely effective solution for webmasters seeking to improve their search engine rankings.

Link Exchange Improves Your Search Engine Positioning - Because it increases your link popularity, link exchange will continue to be an essential factor in successful search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns for the foreseeable future.

Link Exchange Brings Free Traffic - Since link exchange generates many links pointing to your website, whenever a surfer clicks on one of those links, you've got a new targeted visitor!

Link Exchange Enriches Your Website - By offering your visitors a link exchange page, you are giving them valuable information! A link exchange page is ultimately a list of websites that provide the kind of content that your visitors are looking for, and is a valuable resource to them.

How Do You Manage Your Links?

We recommend LinkMachine. This new SEO link exchange software does it all, from automatically finding link exchange partners to creating a custom link directory that matches the rest of your site and checking for missing reciprocal links. Plus LinkMachine's unique InstantLinks system will get quality links pointing to your site literally overnight, by letting you exchange links with other users right through the program.

Exchanging reciprocal links is a terrifically effective way of boosting a web site's search rankings and popularity. Managing a link directory by hand can be a lot of work however - besides finding potential link exchange partners, it means contacting them, posting new links in your link directory, and checking the sites that link to you every so often to make sure their links to your site haven't disappeared.

Fortunately it's no longer necessary for webmasters to do all of this themselves - there are now several quality software tools out there that will automate most of this process for you.

LinkMachine is a Php script that runs right from your site so that it can receive link exchange invitations submitted by visitors and update your link directory without the need for you to upload any files. This makes it much more convenient than stand alone programs that require you to upload your link pages to your site each time you make a revision.

LinkMachine is available in several versions, the Basic version is free to use for life and includes everything you need to run a successful link exchange program. The Premium version is very affordable and includes several powerful features that make it a snap to find hundreds of quality link partners. We highly recommend LinkMachine!

Top Methods to Find Link Exchange Partners!

You may already be aware that link popularity is probably the most important factor to getting a number one rankings on the search engines. However there is something that most people forget when trying to do link exchange:

It's not just the quantity, but the quality of the links that is important!

Basically, "link farms" (or "free-for-all pages"), created only for the purpose of automatic link exchange, and where there are thousands of unrelated links, do not work any more. If you do link exchange with a link farm, your site can be severely penalized, especially with Google.

So, you need to find good quality sites, how do you do it? Well, there are two different ways.

1. Search for link partners in specialized directories that focus on link exchange.The Link Exchange Directory is one example. Other link exchange directories can be found here.

2. Purchase one-way links from a directory that organizes sales of links, such as LinkMarket.

3. Good quality sites are going to have high search engine rankings. So, what you can do is simply to search for the top 100 ranking sites on Google, or other search engines, for the keyword that you are interested in. For example, if your site sells wine, then you search for "buy wine" and "wine" or "wines" and find the top 100 sites for each of these keywords.

How to convince the webmasters to do link exchange with you? There are two ways you can do this:

1. Ask for a link exchange.

Since every webmaster is eager to get links pointing to his website, most webmasters will answer favorably to your request. However, you should write personalized email messages, and include in the email the main reasons that the other webmaster should exchange links specifically with your website. Tell the other webmaster that you have put a link to their site (show them the page where you have put a link). Then tell the webmaster that it will benefit their visitors to have a link to your website. Lastly, give an example of exactly where you suggest the link should be on their site, and an example of the wording that they could use. Link exchange html code might help even more! This makes it really easy for them to link to you.

2. Offer an incentive for the link exchange

If your product has an affiliate program, then you simply suggest that they promote your affiliate program on their site, and they will be able to get a commission for each sale for people coming from their site. Alternatively you can advertise on their site and pay a fixed fee.

Another type of incentive is to offer your product for free, or offer free advertising for their site on your site. There are several alternative ways to do this.

Here are some other important things you should think about:

  1. Try faxing or phoning Website owners. Faxes receive a lot more attention than emails.
  2. Make sure that your email (or fax) is individualized, and states the benefits for their site and their visitors.
  3. Make sure that your site has good quality content that people are going to want to link to.
  4. Make the email (or fax) personal. Use the webmaster's name if you can find it.
  5. If the webmaster doesn't respond to your first email, try emailing again a week later as a gentle reminder.
  6. Suggest anchor text for the link back to your site that contains the keywords that you want to rank highly for.
  7. Use a database to keep track of who you have emailed and their responses.
  8. Create a template email that you can use to save time BUT don't send the same email to everyone. Individualize!
  9. If you are sending out lots of emails you can use an emailing program to individualize each email.

Doing all of this by hand can be very tedious, so I recommend using an automated script such as LinkMachine to manage your links, generate your link directory, find new link partners and send out e-mails.

If your web host doesn't support Php, I recommend a stand-alone program such as Arelis. While not as convenient as an automated script, Arelis still saves a lot of time over doing it all manually.