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Reseller Program

Krishna Technology Partnership Program

The Krishna Technology Partnership Program (KTPP) aims to enable private entrepreneurs and organizations to capitalize on the opportunities thrown open by technology advancements.

Krishna Technology and its worldwide partners have joined hands to bring together their expertise and global presence to offer customers solutions that move business. Through a network of 7 branches in 3 countries across the world, we support a wide network of resellers, all working on the leverage principle (maximum benefits with little efforts) to support Krishna Technology solutions.

Developers at Krishna Technology work in close coordination with resellers to develop innovative ideas into fully functional commercial software solutions. Strategic partnerships encourage resellers to work on providing the local interfaces, lead generation, resources for installation and support of our solutions, while we focus on website design, development, software design, development, mobile application development and customer support.

The way we approach partnership is a very pragmatic and professional one: we believe that succeeding together to satisfy our clients is what counts most.

Pre-requisites of Krishna Technology Partnership Program


Established Distribution Channel Orientation.


Good sales, marketing and customer service know-how.


Skills in pre-sales, sales, after sales, training of differing solutions.


Proven Track Record with financial stability.

Advantage of a Krishna Technology Partner

The Krishna Technology Partnership Program (KTPP) will provide you with unparalleled access to resources, recognition and support. By choosing Krishna Technology as your partner, you are providing your customers with exceptional and industry-leading highly customizable solutions.

We have always worked closely with our network of resellers and distributors, by constantly giving innovative solutions and providing training and support to them so that these solutions are rapidly deployed with customer inputs in turn building a powerful knowledge base for the future.

Why Partner with Krishna Technology Global?

  1. Krishna Technology is a trusted name in the field of customizable solution development
  2. Krishna Technology has an established reputation with over 18,000 clients worldwide
  3. Krishna Technology provides resources and tools for collaboration
  4. Krishna Technology is investing in developing highly customizable solutions with latest technologies, content creation and partner events both online and offline
  5. We promote sharing of resources, experience and knowledge across our network
  6. We empower partners with pre-built guidelines for:
    • Pre-Sales Support
    • Post-Sales Support
    • Sales Leads in your region
    • Marketing Strategies; Trade Shows; Advertising; Seminars; Events
    • Online Support; Product Documentation; Product Demos; Corporate Presentations; General Information; FAQs
    • Real-Time e-mail Support

Resellers Benefits – Krishna Technology Partnership benefit Program

Lucrative: Joining the FP Program allows partners to greatly increase their software and/or service revenues. The stronger a partner performs, the greater their financial benefits.

Support: The FPP has framework to ensure the highest response and service levels for high-producing partners, while providing excellent assistance for all participants.

Flexibility: Both traditional reseller structure and lead referral-based structures are available, depending on your corporate charter.

Strength: Krishna Technology, Channel Development has consistently out-produced their targets year after year, so you can be assured of partnering with a winning team.

Collaboration: Whenever you need resources to assist customers during the sales cycle, Krishna Technology will provide immediate support, collateral, training, and inside product information to ensure maximum revenue is realized with every opportunity.

Recognition: Krishna Technology is a well established organization as a premium solution provider across the globe. Krishna Technology is reaching new heights every year of its operations, thereby creating more brand and company awareness in the marketplace.

Exclusivity: As a FPP, you will be invited to participate in the exhibitions and trade shows. We encourage all FPP’s to be a part of our team and carry out joint marketing efforts to our mutual customer base.

Key Advantages of a Krishna Technology Partner

  • Regular products and solutions training
  • Assigned Krishna Technology representatives and technical account manager
  • Sales Leads
  • Discount and other Promotions
  • Direct access to senior-level technical support
  • Joint sales and marketing programs and activities with access to sales and marketing support materials
  • Opportunity to enhance your solutions or consulting services
  • Training on best practices and how to grow as a solution provider
  • Sales support
  • Webinars
  • Implementation and consulting services
  • Local service and support

The FPP offers all of the essential ingredients for success, including great discounts, training, technical assistance, marketing support and sales leads. The business benefits of the FPP are designed to help you provide your customers the maximum value of Krishna Technology Solutions.