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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) India

With our specialized pay per click (PPC) campaign management services efficiently and effectively manage your own AdWords text ads and banner advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo and partner sites. Customers or organizations who wish to obtain your PPC campaign managed by us are encouraged to open their own Google Adwords account and get your own credit card on file with her to make arrangements for their commitment to advertising on search engines concerned.

What is the difference Krishna Technology team can make your PPC campaigns?

Krishna Technology team brings its own expertise in the maintenance and management of the Nitty practice is a PPC campaign. The field of our knowledge and expertise to help you choose the right combination of keywords, geographic regions, time zones and above the amount of the auction right for your ad for better visibility rather than search engines or their partner sites.

Most people think that running a PPC is simply to select certain keywords and offer pretty good size for advertising visible, and that's it! Well, this will make your ads seen and run in search engines, but can never guarantee you the best and most relevant clicks, and can lead to deplete your entire budget, with no results. Therefore, it increases your cost per conversion.

With professional management of PPC is recommended effective advertising copy to attract visitors words "right attention to the removal of clicks as a result of benefits. We use techniques to increase your click through ratio. Better that we can manage the process bidding, and even use the techniques of the ads at the top despite a low offer.

Overall, professional management by PPC Krishna Technology not only saves you the pain of running the country according to your needs, but also saves a lot of money through better monitoring and campaign management.

Our customers told us they save more than they pay us our costs campaign management. Transparent reporting tools we offer, and substantial savings on labor to manage the campaign itself is really a bonus.

Pay Per Click Services

We know how to achieve success with Pay Per Click (PPC Advertising). It totally depends on using a search engine principles and techniques. Our PPC management services offer complete attention on all major search engines and we have formulated individual procedural guidelines for undertaking PPC advertising on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Our PPC campaign setup process

Objective analysis:

Before the PPC campaign do intensive research on your website, product and / or service, the quality of operations. The analysis includes an objective analysis of the campaign, website, product testing services, business analysis, competitors', the analysis of the target area, budget, and offer an analysis of the home page of analysis.

Keyword research area:

While choosing the keywords for camping, we always think the needs of end users of certain products. Our keyword research is based on the following parameters, which is less competitive keywords for search, research long tail keywords, search keywords with high traffic, keyword research geography of low and high value of the words Key auction, competing keywords low and high.

Categorization of keywords:

In this step, we can classify the keywords and small set of keywords according to product type, geographic region, the value of the auction, the keywords of the topic. We keywords based on geographical groups, the value of the supply, trafficking, and complete the theme.

Setting ad group:

For better visibility and awareness of users, we create more than one ad group, each type of product and customer demand. We believe that targeting appropriate keywords Less number of keywords per ad group, the landing page exact precision, dynamic keyword insertion if necessary, assigning keywords value of the winning bid Adwords PPC campaign to create.

Create an ad created:

We create multiple ad title and ad description groups for each ad group. We are always accurate and descriptive as you create ads. We are very focused to make as attractive Create your ad text ad descriptive, keyword rich ad title and ad text, ad copy with relevant keywords.

Landing page optimization:

Appropriate landing page is necessary to obtain maximum sales out of the PPC campaign. It plays an important role in the conversion. If the landing page is not as promised in the keyword and ad, we want our solvers. To obtain a maximum return on investment on their clients' money, we follow certain rules in order to optimize the landing page. We identify the landing pages, create variations on the page, creating landing page keyword rich, text split the installation to identify the best landing page.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) India

Social Media Optimization include:

Marketing Forum - Posting the contents of the forum is a good web-marketing and promotional tool to attract visitors who are already interested in your products and services, as well as active job search and to discuss related issues. Krishna Technology services emphasize ethical and do not cheat forums. In fact, we make hand movements to complete the appropriate forum for help and product information, and set the inbound links to your site to users of the forum and you as well.

Marketing Blog - Web log or blog refers to active participation in communities of blogs related to your industry. Blog marketing is an effective way to build this identity and brand awareness.

Article Writing and presentation - Article submission and distribution services to publish their articles online instantly and permanently in several sites worldwide. Our services include article submission manual entries, RSS feeds and content syndication JS power. Also submit articles to blogs and other potential publishers.

Press release writing and distribution online - Press Release is an effective and affordable public relations, press releases are custom made and distributed by media in specific areas relevant to the attention of news readers fire their curiosity and help you target customers, industry-specific and classified geographically.

Social Media Optimization Benefits:

Social Media Optimization can promote your business website through an interactive method. You can be popular among social media users, and can run your business through social media optimization.

Social Media Optimization Advantage:

  • Brand building
  • Increase inbound links and direct references.
  • Network with the best in the industry.
  • Well targeted market segment.
  • low media costs.
  • Increase traffic to your site.
  • Increased search engine rankings.

Why Choose Us For Social Media Optimization?

  • To promote your business.
  • For aggressive marketing and brand awareness.
  • Increased website traffic.
  • increased customer base.
  • Negligible cost media.
  • higher rankings from search engines.

What We Do In Social Media Optimization?

  • Link building blog articles, white papers, comments and updates the contents of traffic on the site anymore.
  • Bookmarks and check through the labels and notes to make your site popular.
  • custom content materials are audio formats, PDF and video. Portable content of this type are subject to related sites to share.
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis, monitoring, and suggested tips for improving your social media marketing campaigns.
  • Application integration, integration of applications such as Google Maps to your site.
  • creative marketing, the introduction of information content and creative marketing strategies to improve site traffic.
  • Integration Tools Integration with blogs, RSS, and other key tools to your website.
  • Blog marketing, forum marketing, community building, publishing classified ad.
Here are the SMO service packages according to your needs and customization is also available. Please feel free to contact us.
SEO Pack Features Brownz Silver Gold
Keyword Research 5 Keywords 10 Keywords 25 Keywords
Competitor Analysis seo seo india seo bikaner
Meta Tags Optimization Up to 5 Pages Up to 10 Pages Up to 25 Pages
Content Optimization 5 Pages 10 Pages 25 Pages
Link Optimization seo jaipur seo bikaner bikaner seo
Grammer Optimization bikaner india seo bikaner seo services seo service
XML Sitemap Creation & Submission bikaner india seo india
Robots.txt Optimization seo jaipur seo jodhpur kota seo
Directory Submission (Per month) 100 200 400
Article Writing & Submission ( In 500 Article Directories per Month) 1 2 4
Press Release Writing & Submission ( In 100 PR Sites per Month) 1 1 2
Blog Postings kota seo service seo service jodhpur seo service bikaner
Other Link Building Method Light Light Advance
Google Analytics Installation seo service rajasthan seo service seo service india
Adding custom 404 error pages seo service bikaner seo service jaipur seo service
Adding 301 permanent redirect seo seo service seo service india
Load Time Monitoring & Reporting japiur seo service rajasthan seo service udaipur seo service
Monthly Ranking & Traffic Reports seo service bikaner seo seo bikaner
Monthly Price 5,000/rs.
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