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How to make a website? - A to Z about websites

How to make a website? - A to Z about websites

Are your interested in creating your own website but don't know how to make a website? If your answer is "Yes", you have come to the right place. Go ahead to become a web architect within minutes.

"How to make a website?" is a million dollar question in the internet frequently asked by the new entrants, who wish to establish their web presence. Making a website is a very complex process that requires skills in various fields. But today anyone with a basic knowledge of computers and internet can create a website with the help of web templates.

How to make a website Step 1:

Download web template
Unzip the file

You can download your favorite web template either form free downloads category or from membership sections. However, if you are serious about your website, we recommend premium quality templates for better performance and aesthetics. You can become a member for just $99 and access all of those high quality templates displayed in our website.

Once you login with your membership details, you will be able to download web templates by clicking the download link provided below the templates. The template will automatically download in the destined folder usually as a zipped folder.

Extract the files from the zip file. This can be done using either the default tools in your OS or software, such as winrar or Winzip. Right click the zip file and select extract files.

You will find two folders if you had downloaded a free template, one containing the PSD files and other one containing HTML files.

How to make a website Step 2:

Customize PSD files
Update changes in the HTML file

You can edit header, logo, or images in the files using Photoshop editor.

If you are adept in Photoshop the demo will be very helpful, when you customize the design for your website.

Once you are done with customizing images you will have to update them in your HTML file. Update your new logo, images, and photos using the WYSIWYG HTML editors like the Dreamweaver or the FrontPage.

However, if you are not sure about design customization, you can utilize our design customization services for just $299 only

Note: Many of our members as well as visitors might have downloaded the template you have chosen. If you like to go one step further and make a unique website for yourself, you can opt for the custom template design services for $499 only.

How to make a website step 3

Clone pages
Add contents to web pages

Although a standard web template comes with two pages, a home page and an internal page, you can create any number of internal pages by cloning. You can add all the textual contents and links to the HTML file with the help of the HTML editors. If you have some knowledge of HTML it will be easy to update the HTML files or insert content.

If you are a novice, never mind, you can utilize our professional content insertion service, and we can add contents up to 10 pages for just $299.

How to make a website step 4:

Host the website

Once you have completed the above steps, your website is now ready for the launch. You will have to register you domain and host your website. For this, you can choose between the standard and the advanced hosting plan offered.

If you plan to launch a small or a medium sized website for normal traffic Standard hosting package is ideal for you. If you prefer to run a high traffic website Advanced hosting package works better.

Our standard hosting package costs about $13/month and our advanced hosting package cost about $20/month.

How to make a website step 5:

Website promotion

As soon as your website is live, you will have to optimize it for the search engines and make it popular so that people visit your website. This process of website promotion requires SEO & SEM services.

SEO is done in two stages, the onpage optimization and offpage optimization. While the onpage optimization is done by optimizing the web pages for competitive keywords with intense research and analysis, off page optimizations involves in other promotional efforts such as link building and other tactics to make your website rank high in search engines.

You can promote your site yourself if you are familiar with SEO & SEM else you can opt for our affordable website promotional service priced at $299/month.

How to make a website step 6:

Website maintenance

As a final step you will have to select you means of maintaining your website. You can add value to your website through proper maintenance.

You can use our website maintenance services, which cover everything from adding and updating content, taking back-ups, adding new functionalities, managing hosting, domain management, adding/removing email accounts, and calculating space requirements for a small fee of $16/hour.

Although web templates have made it much easier nowadays, non-technical people still find it hard to grasp the technically accented answers provided in the internet. This is why we decided to provide the live demo of "how to make a website?" The video clips you find here were captured live, when our experts were working with various templates and specially edited with comments in layman´s language.