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Jewellery Manufacturing Retailing Solution

Descripation of Product:

  • Jewellery Product Base is a fully Jewellery/Diamond Business Logic Product
  • Business Management Product
  • Product design Master for jewellery stock with picture and rough estimation of a Particular Stock.
  • Diamond, Color stone, Ruby Pearl…..Stock maintain with shape,size,color,Purity.
  • Customer Performa Invoicing Creation/Report for generally and for fair with barcode facility.
  • Customer Order Creation with barcode base on design no. or product no. User can Define Priority of a particular Order
  • Order status Highlighting Option Status :IN ORDER ,UDER MANUFACTURING ,IN STOCK OR SOLD
  • Everyday Gold Rate ,Chain Rate, Chang calculation option with KT wise
  • Customer Price Definition Master.
  • Customer wise Labour Calculation Master.
  • Customer wise Stone Price Definition.

Jewellery Manufacturing Module Which Contains:

  • Stone Issuement,Receivement for a particular Jewellery Pcs to worker (Babu)
  • Gold/Chain Issument/ Receivement to worker against a particular Jewellery pcs
  • Labour Calculation based on fixed formula which user fix in master
  • Auto entry effect for conversion from pure gold to 18k or 21k no need to pass entry separately program will handle auto.

Inventory Transactions:

  • Purchase - Diamond purchase, Gold Purchase, jewellery readymade purchase.
  • Sales - Diamond Sales, Gold Sales, jewellery Readymade Sales.
  • Purchase Return - Diamond, Gold, jewellery Purchase return.
  • Sales Return - Diamond, Gold, Jewellery Sales Return.
  • Diamond Job Card Issuement Receivement Entry.
  • Gold Job Card Issuement Receivement entry.
  • Jewellery Stock/Diamond Stock Consignment On approval Issuement transaction based on due terms.
  • Jewellery Stock/Diamond Stock Consignment On approval Return transaction based on due terms.

Accounting Entries:

  • Receipt Entry against bill or on a/c entry
  • Payment Entry against bill/Labor Bill or on a/c entry
  • Journal Entry Contra Entry


  • Invoice Printing report as per user requirement. in different-different style for taxation format and letter head option with summary packing list.
  • Consignment Memo Printing, packing list, consignment balance report customer wise due wise.
  • Closing stock report for diamond stock, gold stock, jewellery stock.
  • Stock statement report for diamond stock, gold stock, jewellery stock
  • Jewellery catalogue reports.


  • Voucher reports receipt, payment, JV.
  • Sales/Purchase registers reports
  • Sales / purchase register with profit/loss with p/l %age
  • Stock mixing report.
  • Jewellery manufacturing reports (Gold stock statement with KT wise)
  • Stone Issuement / Receivement report with details / summary report.
  • Jewellery labour report, labour handling purpose jewellery pcs wise worker wise etc.
  • Production Gold loss report worker wise, pcs wise etc option.


  • Jewellery barcode printing Report with Nice lable / Bartender software and with normal printing lable.
  • Gold received report worker wise.
  • Jewellery catalogue report.
  • Ledger listing report
  • Accounting purpose report.
  • Trail balance report.
  • Trading / profit loss report.
  • Balance sheet report.
  • Customer supplier outstanding report due wise.