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    Design Customization
    You want to make changes to a pre-designed template but not sure how to go about it? Let us help you out! Get your templates customized the way you want using our template design customization service.
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  5. Adding Functionality to Your Website

    Looking to add functionality to your website? We can develop secure database driven .PHP or .NET based dynamic websites that can help you execute transactions processing online , run photo galleries , bulletin boards , serve news , and more. You can easily change data dynamically using a user friendly admin panel anytime you want to. Like for instance , something like adding fresh news content or uploading a new photo can be done in a matter of minutes.
    We Support Latest Technology
    We support programming using latest technologies like 'Cake PHP' and 'ASP.NET AJAX'
    Cake PHP
    Cake PHP allows development of highly flexible and robust web applications at a rapid pace using design patterns like ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller, and MVC.
    AJAX allows development of highly interactive, efficient, and personalized websites that work across all popular browsers. The best part about AJAX is the ability it offers developers to access remote data directly from the browser without writing loads of complicated codes, helping in the development of heavy applications with ease.
    Fully/partially database driven sites with user-friendly admin
    Development using latest PHP and .NET technologies
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    Very affordable rates
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Software List of Krishna Technology
  • ERP Solutions
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  • Solution Integration
  • 3P Applications
  • 6.0
  • Infotrack

Key Features & Benefits

  • 100% Source Code (Only For Websites)
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • 6 Months Free Update
  • 25% Discount - 2 Products
  • SEO Friendly Version
  • 200 Clients List
  • 5 Years Experience
  • Get Your Script In 5HR
  • Fully Customizable
  • Dedicated Support Team

Hosting Plan

  • Basic Plan = INR 40/Month(100MB Space, 1 Email (100MB), DB - No, 1 Domain, Subdomain - No, 1 FTP)
  • Starter Plan = INR 50/Month(250MB Space, 1 Email (250MB), 1 Mysql DB, 1 Domain, 1 Subdomain, 1 FTP)
  • Starter Plan = INR 50/Month(250MB Space, 1 Email (250MB), 1 Mysql DB, 1 Domain, 1 Subdomain, 1 FTP)
  • Economy Plan = INR 90/Month(1GB Space, 20 Email (1GB), 10 Mysql DB, 1 Domain, 10 Subdomain, 10 FTP)
  • Deluxe Plan = INR 120/Month(5GB Space, 50 Email (5GB), 20 Mysql DB, 1 Domain, 50 Subdomain, 50 FTP)
  • Premium Plan (Cpanel) = INR 199/Month(Unlimited Space, Unlimited Email, Unlimited Mysql DB, Unlimited Domain, Unlimited Subdomain, Unlimited FTP)

Focus ARMS

Academic Record Management Solutions


"To provide reliable, scalable, and adaptable software to the universities / institutions across the globe."

Focus ARMS is a solution pioneered to attain world class standards in educational institution management. With an eye to details and in consultation with industry experts, ARMS stands as one stop solution for Universities & Educational Institutions.

Today Educational Institutions and Universities are facing problems in managing database of various activities they undertake. The facilities they provide to students needs to be professionally managed with accurate and timely reports for decision making. The various activities like Transportation, Academics, Administration, and Scheduling etc. needs database driven technology where records can be updated and viewed in real time.

By and large, universities generate large quantities of administrative records, including financial records, human resources records, correspondence, and many others. And to meet these requirements there is a need of a comprehensive records management system. Focus - ARMS is designed to manage virtually every aspect of a University / Institutional requirements and also provides a medium for efficient material and equipment inventory control.

Why implement Focus ARMS?

  • Promote efficiency in the management of the Institute's information assets and safeguard this vital information
  • Increase efficiency of the resource base
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Anytime and anywhere access of information for better decision making and to leverage the process

Records all the personal, contact, & guardian information.
Records TOEFL and GRE marks.
Record received documentations, supports scanning & saving to files.
Records previous school / college details.
Records medical status.
Records proposed plan of study.
Record the Program's of interest (e.g. Petroleum, Mechanical, etc.)
Record Program Level (e.g. Short-term courses, Undergraduate Degree).
Records documents submitted & stores scanned documents.
Tracks both inquiries & applications originating from a variety of sources.
Accepts application through WEB.
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A complete plan of study is provided for diff. programs and diff. Semester.
Create an Academic Calendar considering known/anticipated holidays.
Provides multiple level of study (e.g. Short-term courses, Undergraduate)
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Ranking Application (filtering and admitting students based on TOEFL / GRE etc.
Generate ‘Offer of Admission’, when all the criteria for admission are met.
Maintain record of system generated correspondence.
Record Miscellaneous Notes (free text search would be preferred).
Suggest a sequence of courses to new students (with ref. to the selected
Screen Designer helps in adding user defined fields in the admission
Documents and Certificate Designer.
Customized Reports can be generated with the help of powerful report writer.
Changing Applicant’s Status (from ‘Pending’ to either ‘Admitted’ or ‘Refused’. Academic Records Management System
Foundation Registration: Creation of ‘blocks’ of courses/labs for Foundation Program.
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Suggest a sequence of courses to a new student (with reference to the selected course).
Request for registration by the student.
Advisor Approval.
Allow registration to only those students who have ‘advisor approval’.
Set session registration dates (begin/end dates, course add/drop dates, drop only deadline, Grades reporting deadlines).
Produce Course Catalogue (session’s timetable) with Course Code, Course Name, Credit Value, Meetings by day & start/end times, Room No., Instructor’s name, Enrolment restrictions (e.g. level within degree / program).
Non Foundation Block Registration, Single Registration, Student can request for add/drop courses through Web.
Registrations constraints: Co requisites/Pre Requisites/Time Conflicts/Student credit Hours/Capacity.
Record transfer credits from prior learning assessment.
Foundation Registration: Creation of ‘blocks’ of courses/labs for Foundation Program.
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Allow multiple grading schemes (e.g. certificate, foundation, undergraduate, graduate, non-credit, etc.). Certain students can be enrolled simultaneously into more than one program.
Generate end-of-session status based on GPA and/or other pre-defined variables ( assessment, in good standing, probation, suspension for a period, termination).

Ability to customize ‘grading system’ per subject, per course & per semester.

Allow a combination of grade reporting (e.g. numerical, textual, and notational).
Track total credits / credits hours completed
Record student’s request for graduation at the end of current session.
Audit academic records of students to determine if all programs/degree requirements have been met else provide a list of unsatisfied requirements.
Generate GPA and CGPA reports.
Produce Graduation/ Diploma Certificate.
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Maintains Space Inventory of rooms (e.g. room type–class/chemistry lab/computer lab, max seating capacity, available equipment, overhead/computers etc.
Creation of courses, sections, Instructors. based on anticipated number of students (for that particular course or lab) and the preferred maximum capacity.

Auto generation of scheduling based on scheduling parameters.

Allows editing of schedule and make any changes and checks the conflicts.
Allows multiple semester scheduling.
Section wise/Instructor wise/Student wise/ Room wise Scheduling.
Search for free instructor/room at any given time.
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Allow instructor to record daily attendance for each student in each class.
Monitor late and absenteeism. (Consecutive occurrences of lateness equals and absence).

Identify students to be warned based on the minimum attendance requirements of each class.

Maintain record of ‘warning letters’ (along with the corresponding periods of absences) issued to the students based on their attendances.
Generates reports section wise/student wise filter on any given condition.
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User defined Data Entry Screens and Report Output.
Multi Currency Accounting.

E-Mailing of Invoices and Ledgers.

Customer and Suppliers Database.
Data Synchronization from remote places/different branches.
Customized Voucher/Sales Invoice Designs.
Academic Records Management System
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Subject wise Marks Templates.
Student Performance Analysis.

Certificates/Reports Generation.

GPA Calculation/Reports.
Graduation Certificate.
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User based Privileges.
User Creation.
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Inventory Ledgers/Stock Ledgers.
Slow Moving/Fast Moving products tracking.
Stock Estimation Reports.
Integration with Accounting.
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Hourly/Daily/Monthly salary details.
Employee Database.
Forms Creation/Customizable Reports.
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Updatable Alumni Database.
Alumni Search and Report Generation.
Customizable Preferences.
Custom Master to customize masters
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Books/Magazine detailed Database Management.
Books/Magazine Categorization.
Student/Instructor Book Issue/Return/Reservation.
Exhaustive Search System.
Fine Collection and Reporting as Integration with Accounting.
Management Information System and Reporting Tools.
Supports Dewey Decimal System
Generates Book History (All transactions of the book within a given date).
Library Card Generation.
Generates Student History (All transactions of the student within a given date).
Generates Defaulter List.
Web Interface.
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Bus Scheduling and Allotment.
Cost Control through proper deployment of vehicles.
Driver and Vehicle Database.
Determine daily/weekly transportation requirement of each student based on his home address in or outside (for weekly/daily).
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Floor wise/Room wise Allotment.
Bed Occupation Report.
Vacancy Report.
Record residents’ ‘entry/exit’ time for Hostel.
Generate ‘lateness’ report based on the‘cut-off’ time for returning to Hostel.
Record Miscellaneous notes for students (e.g. hostel behaviour, discipline, etc.)
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Functional Benefits
Focus ARMS is built incorporating the needs of American and British System of Education across the globe.
Completely customizable software to address unique needs of an University / Institution
Time Tested and fully functional software addressing 360 degree requirements
Preferences based deployment & application configurations
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Key benefits of using Focus ARMS
Ease of access — with the records management software running on the Library’s servers, other departments only need Web access to manage their records.
Proper implementation and centralized control — with software in one location only, IT personnel can handle maintenance, upgrades, and the addition of new users in a manner that prevents software conflicts.
Security though different levels of access — Focus ARSMS allow the Managers to access all records, while limiting other individuals to only the files in their area.
Cost savings — the Web-based approach significantly reduces administrative time and the associated expenses.
Other Key Benefits - Improve record maintenance of an organization.
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Technical Benefits
Web Based
User Friendly Interface
Offsite and onsite implementation Flexibility
Easy to manage with limited IT resources
Real Time Customization via built in utility
Reports Designer
Additional Fields
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