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K Technology Services

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Internet Marketing/SEO
  • Flash Development
  • Game Development
  • Hosting/Domain Services
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Payment Services
  • Open Source Development
  • Website Training
  • Website Advertisement
  • Database Management
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Software Application
  • Website Management

K Technology Solutions

Software List of Krishna Technology
  • ERP Solutions
  • CRM Solutions
  • Warehouse Solutions
  • Academic Solutions
  • Solution Integration
  • 3P Applications
  • 6.0
  • Infotrack

Key Features & Benefits

  • 100% Source Code (Only For Websites)
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • 6 Months Free Update
  • 25% Discount - 2 Products
  • SEO Friendly Version
  • 200 Clients List
  • 5 Years Experience
  • Get Your Script In 5HR
  • Fully Customizable
  • Dedicated Support Team

Hosting Plan

  • Basic Plan = INR 40/Month(100MB Space, 1 Email (100MB), DB - No, 1 Domain, Subdomain - No, 1 FTP)
  • Starter Plan = INR 50/Month(250MB Space, 1 Email (250MB), 1 Mysql DB, 1 Domain, 1 Subdomain, 1 FTP)
  • Starter Plan = INR 50/Month(250MB Space, 1 Email (250MB), 1 Mysql DB, 1 Domain, 1 Subdomain, 1 FTP)
  • Economy Plan = INR 90/Month(1GB Space, 20 Email (1GB), 10 Mysql DB, 1 Domain, 10 Subdomain, 10 FTP)
  • Deluxe Plan = INR 120/Month(5GB Space, 50 Email (5GB), 20 Mysql DB, 1 Domain, 50 Subdomain, 50 FTP)
  • Premium Plan (Cpanel) = INR 199/Month(Unlimited Space, Unlimited Email, Unlimited Mysql DB, Unlimited Domain, Unlimited Subdomain, Unlimited FTP)

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Walkin Interview - Bikaner
Company Name : Krishna Technology
Experience Required : 0 - 2 Year(s)
Job Location : Bikaner
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Marketing Executives:
Highly presentable MBAs and graduates with some experience in corporate sales, great communication skills and a learning attitude.Candidates with very good grasping skills, excellent communication abilities, patience and an overall understanding of how computer softwares work will be an addition

Game Script
what are the most innovative features that make Game Script so special and its purchasing profitable, notwithstanding the fact that it's cost is not the lowest in the industry? I do think its flexibility and scalability are those features. Module-based, Game Script allows you to add new features and modify the existing ones with easy. And if you add a new module or change an existing one, all changes stay in that module, so there is no need to rebuild the entire script to add something you need.

K Technology Products

  • CMS (Customer Management System) Software
  • e-Commerce Software
  • Online Game Software
  • MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Software
  • Hotel/Restaurant Software
  • Travel Software
  • Real Estate/Property Software
  • Matrimonial Software
  • Video Sharing Software
  • LMS (Learning Management System) Software
  • Online Quiz Software
  • Music Store Software
  • Online Auction Software
  • eBay Software
  • Coupon Software
  • Groupon Software
  • Onlne Classified Software
  • Directory Software
  • Ads Software
  • B2B Portal Software
  • Freelancer Software
  • Job Portal Software

Focus RT

A unique product of Focus Softnet, Focus RT is an Enterprise Resource Planning package that seamlessly integrates all facets of the business, including planning, manufacturing, finance, sales, marketing and HR through the various modules of Focus RT . Focus RT flawlessly combines the functionalities of Supply Chain Management (SCM), a Financial Management System, a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With Focus RT, you get detailed information of your Materials, Production, Sales and Finances, while managing and retaining your customer at the same time.

Focus RT's Diagrammatic presentation

Focus RT ERP Solutions Diagram Representation

Business Benefits

Focus RT enables you to gain new market insights and adapt to changes much quickly thus providing you and edge in the market. It seamlessly extends your processes beyond your organization to tightly integrate suppliers and service providers into one, seamless value chain.

A completely modular and scaleable ERP package, Focus RT helps increase productivity and reduce costs, paving the way for increased revenues for your enterprise.

It is absolutely necessary that any application software should meet the requirements demanded from its specification. At the same time, it is also important that the software is user friendly, has sufficient procedural controls, operationally secure and maintainable. We would like to emphasize the necessity of incorporating the above aspects into the design of the system. The diagram emphasizes the efficient use of resources minimizing data entry again and then.

Focus RT Key Features

The key features of Focus RT are geared towards providing immediate results for your business enterprise. And with the anytime accessibility features you can ensure that all your remote customers, suppliers and traveling personnel can access and input data in real-time.


Focus RT Modules

erp General Ledger
erp Budgeting
erp Accounts Payable
erp Accounts Receivable
erp Cash / Bank
erp Procurement
erp Inventory Management
erp Sales Management
erp POS
erp Manufacturing
erp HR & Payroll
erp Fixed assets

General Ledger

erp Maintains multi-level chart of account.
erp Multiple tags for analysis of unlimited multi-level (Departmental/Cost Center Analysis).
erp User-Defined customization of Masters for adding/dropping fields like text, integer, fraction, date, selection etc.
erp solutions Optional Auto-regrouping for Receivable/Payable Control Accounts.
erp solutions Summary/Detail Financial Ledgers and Sub-Ledgers.
erp solutions Multi-level user definable formats for final reports.
erp solutions Recurring/Reversal Journals.
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erp solutions Multi-year budgeting.
erp solutions Auto Budgeting based on percentage of fixed growth.
erp solutions Online budget checking.
erp solutions Budgets by Department/Cost Centers.
erp solutions Monthly/Annual Budget Variance.
erp solutions Budgeted Final Reports Vs Actual.
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erp solutions Optional Auto adjustment on FIFO Basis.
erp solutions User Definable ageing reports.
erp solutions Receivable/Payable by Branch/Job/Department.
erp solutions Multi-currency transactions & Reporting.
erp solutions Credit Limit check by Amount/Ageing of due-bills/approved sales orders.
erp solutions Partial and Full Adjustments.
erp solutions Adjustment of bills through PDC.
erp solutions Credit Note Adjustments.
erp solutions Advance Receipts/Payments adjustable in customer/vendor invoice.
erp solutions Carry Forward of open bills with full details to multiple years.
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erp solutions Optional Auto adjustment on FIFO Basis.
erp solutions User Definable ageing reports.
erp solutions Receivable/Payable by Branch/Job/Department.
erp solutions Multi-currency transactions & Reporting.
erp solutions Credit Limit check by Amount/Ageing of due-bills/approved sales orders.
erp solutions Partial and Full Adjustments.
erp solutions Adjustment of bills through PDC.
erp Credit Note Adjustments.
erp Advance Receipts/Payments adjustable in customer/vendor invoice.
erp Carry Forward of open bills with full details to multiple years.
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Cash & Bank

erp Unlimited Cash and Bank Accounts.
erp Post Dated Cheque (PDC) handling.
erp Electronic Bank Reconciliation.
erp Multi-Currency.
erp Multiple Petty Cash handling.
erp Columnar and Daily/Monthly Cash/Bank Books.
erp Cash Flow Forecast.
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The purchase module allows you to build a full cycle of purchase, starting from Automatic Indents to Purchase Requisition to Purchase Invoice. The system supports multiple types of purchase requirements like direct purchases, project purchases and consignments

The purchase module of Focus RT, allows you to build a full cycle of purchase, starting from Purchase Requisition to Purchase Invoice. The system supports multiple types of purchase requirements like direct purchases, project purchases and consignments.


Purchase requisitions can be entered either manually or directly from the production planning level. Users from different departments, production unit or warehouses have the authority to raise these requisitions. Approval of requisitions can be defined through a document authorization.

Supplier Analysis

Supplier analysis is based on credit limit, lead time, and the class of the supplier, whereas Quotation analysis is based on the lowest rates.


You can convert orders and material receipts to Purchase and check the validity of a purchase entry. You have a provision to make consignment entries and commission calculations.

Focus RT covers complete sales activities from sales force automation to service automation. Generation of quotes, order and invoices would never be a problem with online warehouse integration of Focus RT.

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Inventory Warehousing

With the Inventory warehousing module you are ensured of an efficient flow of items from production to storage to shipping. The complete integration with General Ledger helps in maintaining optimum levels of inventory.

Warehousing module helps in planning distribution of items at different locations, placements and picking of items (Palletizing), tracking serial number/RMA for efficient customer support, bar-coding and stock taking with hand held devices. With online integration operations like inbound, storage and outbound movement decision regarding purchases and maintenance of inventory levels across warehouses would never be time-consuming.

Overall Warehousing Features

erp User Definable Product Codes.
erp Multi-level Product Tree.
erp Multi-Unit Item Definition.
erp Multiple Stock Valuation Methods.
erp Movement based Re-order Quantity.
erp Online display of inventory at different locations.
erp Ageing of Stocks.

Bins – Palletizing

erp Receiving – Set conditions for auto allocating bins for receiving goods.
erp Palletizing – Auto conversion of quantities into pallets.
erp Put-Away – Define condition for stocking items in Bins based on category of item, expiry/manufacturing date, Batch Number.
erp Picking – Define condition for picking items from bins based on FIFO (Expiry Date, Manufacturing Date, Overall).
erp Delivery – Link picking slip with Delivery/Gate pass.

Negative Stocks

The optional checking of the validity of stocks going, negative can be set to desired requirements

Profit/Loss Display

User can check whether an invoice is raised below cost. You have the option to see only the loss amount, if the invoice is raised on loss, to hide the profit figure from the operator.

Costing Method

The cost of all the items purchased would be maintained for stock valuation. Focus calculates cost of issues or transfer on weighted average, FIFO, Market Value and Standard Rate.

Stock Reconciliation through Hand-Held devices

Focus RT allows you to take a physical stock check through Hand-held devices and reconcile it with the stock entered in Focus RT. Focus RT would raise the appropriate entries to match the stock.

Free Quantity Support

Focus RT has direct support for Free Quantity. If you create a field called 'Free Qty' positioned before quantity, the system would auto pick free quantity

Automatic COGS posting

Accounts can be associated with Products for posting to COGS and Stocks accounts and Focus RT would generate the entries internally.


  1. an restrict batches that would expire in next 6 months
  2. When a batch is selected, load all details from the entry document of that batch
  3. Sort batches date wise
  4. Look forward for batches that might expire based on defined period
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Sales Module & Marketing

The sales module covers activities from sales force automation to service automation. It simplifies the entire process of making quotations and allows for smooth processing of orders and invoices, not to mention the sales tracking features.

Sales module in Focus RT covers complete sales activities from sales force automation to service automation. Generation of quotes, order and invoices would never be a problem with online warehouse integration of Focus RT.

Sales module helps in setting up the targets for different locations, salesman tracking the sales Area Wise/Sales Man Wise/ Zone Wise to improve the efficiency of the marketing department, and monitor the same. With online integration operations like inbound, logistics, storage, outbound logistics, decision regarding sales and maintenance of inventory levels across the warehouses would never be time consuming.

Enquiry and Lead Generation

erp solutions Lead Generation.
erp solutions Campaign Management.
erp solutions Appointment Tracking.
erp solutions Daily Planner.
erp solutions Visit Analysis.
erp solutions Sales Forecast.

Quotation and Order Processing

erp solutions Lead Generation.
erp solutions Multiple Product Price Grids.
erp solutions Sales Order Validation for Credit Limit.
erp solutions Quantity Check.
erp solutions Direct Conversion of quotation from order to invoice to reduce data entry.


erp solutions User Defined plain/pre-printed formats.
erp solutions Integration with Warehousing for Sales-cum-Delivery Note.
erp solutions Adjustment of Advance Receipts/Partial Cash Payments.
erp solutions Posting to GL.

Activity Based Billing

erp solutions Job-based, Customer-based Time-Sheets Analysis.
erp solutions Invoicing based on Time-sheets.

Service Scheduling and History

erp solutions Service Request.
erp solutions Customer Login Generation.
erp solutions Auto Allotment of Call to preferred executive.
erp solutions User Defined Call Template.
erp solutions Auto/Manual Allocation of calls.
erp solutions Mail to customer on Job Completion/Escalation.
erp solutions Mail to Supervisor/Manager on Escalation.
erp solutions Customer Service History.
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Get full support for multi-process production for stocking, order-based, assemble-to-order situations with the manufacturing module.

The manufacturing module provides full support for multi-process production for stocking, order-based, assemble-to-order environments. The production planning gives a complete picture of Raw Material-in-hand, To Order and Best Order Quantity, Supplier analysis based on Orders to Execute or Daily/Monthly/Annual Sales Forecast etc.

Production Control

erp solutions Production Status reports with user configurable stages.
erp solutions Planning Manufacturing Order Planning with facility to amend and reschedule processes.
erp solutions Alerts on due dates and overdue dates.
erp solutions Automatic calculation of start date by subtracting ‘lead time' from completion date.
erp solutions Capturing actual Man, Machine, and Material utilization along with Production time consumed during a production stage and on completion of all stages and analyzing the variance.
erp solutions Production Forecasting is based on Man, Machine and Material availability.
erp solutions In case of due start date, MO load is automatically repositioned at present date.
erp solutions Sales Order/Forecast Based Planning.
erp solutions Requirement Analyses based on Bill of Material.
erp solutions Supplier Analyses based on Credit Limit, Lead time and Best Rate.
erp solutions Purchase Requisition/Order Generation from Production Planning.

Bill of Material

erp solutions Multi-Level Bill of Material for Multi-Process Production.
erp solutions Raw Material Quantities.
erp solutions Man-power Requirement.
erp solutions Machine Requirement.
erp solutions Finished Product/By-Product/Intermediate Product.

Shop Floor

erp solutions Multi level stock status reports.
erp solutions Stock reservation with time frames and automatic / manual release.
erp solutions Parameters such as safety stock, minimum quantity for reordering, vendor lot size, reordering level.
erp solutions Possibility of planning in advance, Stock building and Stock depletion tracking.
erp solutions Multi location stocking along with bin control.
erp solutions Consumption Analysis.
erp solutions Stage-wise Production.
erp solutions Integration to GL.
erp solutions Costing and Variance Analysis.
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Human Resources Module and Features

Focus RT helps you in structuring employee information, monitoring their development and creating the right internal environment to drive your business forward. This module starts right from accepting CV details, filtering and screening of candidates up to the end-of service benefits.

Organizations most important resources are their employees. To manage manpower successfully is becoming the mantra for a successful organizational growth. An efficient HRMS suite helps you achieve this by consolidating vital information in one secure and accessible location, and working collaboratively with your employees and their managers. Strong and flexible security empowers employees to perform certain tasks themselves, while protecting privileged information from curious eyes.

The Human Resource module starts right from accepting CV details, filtering and screening of candidates and takes the complete process up to end-of-service benefits.

Functionality Overview

erp solutions Full Employment and Personal Details.
erp solutions Leave Tracking and Requests.
erp solutions Job bank connected to any web site.
erp solutions Candidate tracking and interview process.
erp solutions Track remuneration, commissions, benefits, leave, warnings, rates, personal information and much more.
erp solutions Track employee's entire career with your organization from the interview process details to retirement.
erp solutions Flexible export to payroll systems.

Monthly Reports

Pay Slip.
Pay Statement.
Summary Statement.
PF Monthly Report.
PT Monthly Statement.
Bank Statement.
Loan Transaction Statement.
LIC Policy Details.
Hold Employee Statement.
Release Salary Statement.
Attendance Report.
Leave Ledger.
Salary Earned in a Period.
CTC Statement.


Position/Vacancy Management.
Multiple CV definitions.
Screening and Filtering of CVs.
Interviews and short listing.
Appointment Letters.

Employee Information

User-Definable Employee Master.
Joining, Appraisal Dates.
Passport and Visa information.
Vacation and Flight Sector Information.
Shift/Transfer Information.
Earnings, Deductions and Leaves Information.


Daily/Hourly Attendance Entry.
Integration with Swipe Card Output.
Attendance by Site/Job.
Leave Information.

Payroll Processing

Calculation of payroll from daily attendance.
Loans, Loss of pay deductions.
Posting of Payroll Entries to GL.
Vacation Salary.
End of Service Benefits.
Salary Slip and Bank Advice Reports.
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Fixed Assets

Multiple categories of Assets.
Multi-Level chart of Assets.
Multiple methods of depreciation.
Original Purchase value, Book Value, Insured value and Scrap Value.
User defined depreciation commencement date.
Disposal of Assets.
Transfer History.
Repair and Maintenance History.
Fixed Asset Schedule.
Auto Posting to GL.
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Functional Benefits

Focus RT provides reliable, fast and comprehensive financial reporting and analysis. You can consolidate any number of companies, departments and cost centers into meaningful reports.

To be successful in today's competitive business climate you need more than just managerial vision and excellent staff. You need to manage information for which you need to have superior software system. With real-time information you can analyze your financial profile and enhance predictability. This needs a reporting tool that acts as a digital nervous system of your entire organization giving you summarized information retrieved through the enterprise network.

Focus RT goes beyond standard financial accounting solution in providing you with an integrated financial sub-system.

As Focus RT is completely modular and seamlessly integrates with each of its modules, you can choose any of the modules that you currently need to get started with and keep adding other modules as the need arises.

Detailed reports
With Focus RT, you get detailed information of your Materials, Production, Sales and Finances, while managing and retaining your customer at the same time.

Speed to market
Focus RT enables you to gain new market insights and adapt to changes much quickly thus providing you and edge in the market. It seamlessly extends your processes beyond your organization to tightly integrate suppliers and service providers into one, seamless value chain.

High and Quick Return on Investment
We believe in a value-driven approach to business. With our reasonably priced solutions, the low implementation time and a highly business driven approach for reportage and training, makes a high and quick RoI certain.

Weather you grow by 10% or 500% after implementing Focus RT, our solutions are immediately and effortlessly scalable and provide the same speed, customizability and flexibility at all levels

View any report in HTML
View any report in Excel
Email any report.
Select Draft/Windows mode for printing on the fly.
Easier filtering
Remembers the last filter
Prints Filter text on report heading
Schedule Reports for Printing, Export or Email

Consolidated Multi-Company reports
Consolidate On-the-Fly various companies and extract all MIS reports including Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Funds Flow, Cash Flow etc.

Customization of Reports
Easier customization of reports.
Allows multiple columns to be selected.
Allows Group Headings for multiple columns

Work-Flow / Links Designer
A visual designer to design the links by using drag and drop facility. Implementation is simplified using this feature. Other improvements in links include:
Design Links visually
Unlimited links
Load only links
Pick base document details when linked
Define default link

Lay out Designer
A tool to design various out put layouts and multiple lay outs for a particular transaction voucher.

Shortcuts can be defined for all menu functions.

Sales Screens

1. Easy Formula Generation
2. Number of body columns increased to 20
3. Number footer columns increased to 10
4. Restrict formula for each column and user defined messages when the restrict formula is true.
5. Specify Debit & Credit accounts for each column
6. Specify display attributes like read only, hidden in an easy way
7. Pick values from Excel sheets
8. Pick values from External modules

Auto generation of documents
Reports can be designed that generate documents. This feature is helpful to generate Purchase Indents based on reorder report or pass entries based on Interest Calculation Report etc.

Additional fields
The extra fields are vastly improved and include the following:-

1. More number of extra fields
2. Control over display of extra fields like-read only, hidden, non editable etc
3. Control over input of extra fields like-display in multi edit, combo box, radio ,check box etc.
4. Preload formula for extra fields
5. Default values for extra fields
6. Input validation for each extra field with custom messages when validation fails.
7. Posting of extra fields to accounts.
8. More extra field types.


View is a new concept introduced in Focus RT. Using views, a document appears differently to different users. This is used when you want a document to display certain fields to power users whereas hide those fields to other. The ordering and size of each input can be controlled using Views.
Using views, the same document can be made to look differently for different users
Some fields may be hidden for some users and made read only for others and yet another user can see the document in full.
Views can be used to implement field level security for documents
Multiple views can exist for a single user for a document. The user has to select the view he wants to use when he selects the document for entry.
You can set default values for various fields for a user.
Set field level restriction through formula.
Using views you can restrict a user to be able to only load from pending links and create documents and not enter new ones
Change the order of the fields in a view.

Management Information Reports – Default Reports
Consolidate view of data at any point
Branch wise / Region wise reporting
Branch wise / Division wise
Ageing individual / consolidate
Stock individual / consolidate
Sales consolidate (unit , MT )
Freight bill passing
Central purchase – report "Indent – PO – Gr – Inspection – Payment cycle.)
Banking (individual / consolidate)
Cash flow / fund flow
Outstanding ( AP / AR ) – ageing (individual / consolidate)
Production (by refinery and third party)
Online view of database
Trial balance and P&L (individual / consolidate)
Drill down reports (TB and GL)
Procurement time status(indent - Quotation - PO - GR - Inspection - Issue - Bill pass - Payment)
Freight analysis (location, distance, transports)
Turn over time of stock in market
Target v/s achievement with broad reason of failure in meeting target
Budget v/s actual expenses
Plan dispatch v/s actual dispatch
Plan production v/s actual production

Search Criteria
Focus will have number of facilities to make it convenient to use. The code look up feature (HELP when needed) is one such. User can search any transaction from the application database using comprehensive search option. This tool also support conditional searching, accepting multiple conditions for the search criterion

Audit Log Facility
FOCUS will provide an audit log facility at the application level. This audit log facility can be optionally enabled; it will maintain a log of all insertions, amendments and deletions to the database, carried out by each of the various forms. The log will include:
Date and time of action
The user name
The form /function name
The action ( Insert, Modify or Delete )
Identification of the record being acted upon

There will be utilities provided (to be used by the System Administrator) for inquiring, reporting and deleting the audit log entries so generated.

» Context level diagram

Technical Benefits
Faster Access to Data
When installed on a network, you can update and access information in real time. Your employees don't have to wait for hours to retrieve the data and reports, no matter how heavy they are.

3rd Party Integration
Facility to integrate external modules developed on VB / VC++ platform, thereby reducing complete dependency on FOCUS in order to accomplish future requirements. Client can take up the task of adding new customized modules of their choice to the FOCUS menu. Necessary training will be imparted to the technical team to enhance their capability to develop the required sub modules as per their business needs. Provision of this tool therefore means transferring of ownership in total.

Triggers / Alerts
Facility to design and implant customized triggers and alerts using Focus API’s

Locking & Unlocking of Database
Facility provided for the super user of the application to enforce locking of the database, which would restrict users to post data during the locking period.

Training & Support
Focus believes in maintaining exceptional levels of service and support for its clients, is the key to success in the Service Oriented age. We have designed world class training programs to get your work force up to speed with changes that an ERP bring about in the organizations. Not only is your work force trained on the daily usage of the ERP but the managers are also given insights on how to leverage the reports for maximum business benefit.

Technical Salient features
It is compliant to IT Technologies standards as it utilizes the more flexible and stabilized technologies.
All application modules are developed keeping in view of future requirements of scalability, connectivity and portability
The system is built around stable database configuration in a highly compatible client structures over efficient links to ensure reliable performance over the extended period of time.
System undergoes all checks and bounds if it fails on some rare occasions so that integrity of the data is reserved.
The system provides the automatic restart and recovery facilities.
RFID compatible
The main feature of this solution is the integration of all modules into one operational and productive system as a whole, which caters to the need of all kinds of users from the central location by keeping all the up to date information.
The solution itself is built with open interfaces so that it can be integrated within different operating environments and it can also be integrated with third party supplied systems.
The proposed system is a highly secured system, with several flexible security levels, authorization and access control and audit trial.
Solution provides a system, which is simple to use, operate, learn and maintain.
The system does extensive data validation exercise so as to ensure the validity of entries; it also guides the user with appropriate errors and warnings, to help them enter correct data.
System goes on to eliminate redundancy by providing a one point comprehensive interface, wherein data entered by the users are posted to related system packages without the need of entering again.
The solution employs a powerful relational database, with MS SQL as it achieved an industry wide acceptance.
The proposed solution also provides utilities for database backup/restore, maintenance online locally as well as remotely over the WAN.
The solution is built keeping in view that it should operate smoothly and efficiently under MS-windows. System provides built-in reports, with the ability to print the reports on all kinds of available printers, without the user intervention.
The solution also provides all kind of messaging and tracking systems.
The solution features an-online edit checking and historical data retention.
The system also features an Online help through out with comprehensive user documentation.
The solution is flexible with user definable menus by department or user.
All the above features are collectively operative using equipment with standard resources as currently offered by vendors and available in the market, like PCs: RAM, Hard Disk drives, etc.
Easy to operate
User friendly interfaces
The proposed solution is a state-of-the-art system, built with cutting edge technologies and designed elegantly to comply with all the IT standards.

Hardware Requirements:

To run Focus application, clients need to worry less about hardware and its upgrades. There are several references of being successful to implement and go live with existing hardware resources of a client thereby giving a leverage on hardware cost which otherwise would increase the total cost of the project.

Back Up

The proposed application shall provide the user to take appropriate back ups of the database. The backup may be taken in incremental form or full backup. The scheduling of backup can also be done whereby the system prepares the backup on the recommended backup media. In case of unwanted loss of data or application, the backups can simply restore the system to its previous state.

Multi Location Connectivity

The diagram below shows the typical setup of the ERP at various locations. The system will first be implemented at the Head Office. In subsequent phases the client component will be installed at the other locations.

Macros in Excel, Word, Presentation,
Macros can be written in Excel or any MS Office product to pull data from Focus RT online or update data into Focus RT online. This will help accountants write excel sheets or design presentations that pick data from Focus RT directly. The macros can be used even in HTML pages or Acrobat PDF documents.

Internet Based Merging
It is possible in Focus RT to be running on different locations and data be merged on to the server online or offline on an automated basis. This feature is excellent solution for companies that have multiple branches or shops and the data should be collected at the head-office. This feature works even with ordinary dialup internet connection. The data consolidated at the head-office can even be propagated back to the branches selectively or as summary of balances.

Company Templates
A new concept where any company's data can be converted into a template and this template can be used to create new companies that have the same structure and design including the chart of accounts and products. This is helpful when the software has to be implemented in multiple companies of a group. Another use of the templates is that Focus RT would be shipped with templates of all kinds of companies and the user can select the one that he wants to use and he will be up and running with all structures, screens, layouts and even documents and RD reports designed.

XML based data exchange
Focus RT has an XML based data exchange format. Focus RT can write to and read data in XML. When an Invoice is saved, Focus RT can optionally email a small XML file to the customer. If the customer is a Focus RT user, he can click on that file and it would raise a purchase for the customer who also uses Focus RT. The same can be used when material is dispatched from warehouse to branches. An XML file can be emailed which would raise the corresponding stock transfer voucher at the branch.

Remote Connectivity
RT has option to have a central server with clients connecting to the central server (data base) on the LAN or WAN by using internet or direct line (ISDN, Leased Line, Ordinary Telephone line etc) connectivity. The technology used to enable remote connectivity is the latest SOCKS TECHNOLOGY version 5.

SOCKS Technology
SOCKSv5 is an IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) approved standard (RFC 1928) generic, proxy protocol for TCP/IP-based networking applications. The SOCKS protocol provides a flexible framework for developing secure communications by easily integrating other security technologies.

SOCKS includes two components, the SOCKS server and the SOCKS client. The SOCKS server is implemented at the application layer, while the SOCKS client is implemented between the application and transport layers. The basic purpose of the protocol is to enable hosts on one side of a SOCKS server to gain access to hosts on the other side of a SOCKS Server, without requiring direct IP-reachability.

SOCKS Proxy Server
When an application client needs to connect to an application server, the client connects to a SOCKS proxy server. The proxy server connects to the application server on behalf of the client, and relays data between the client and the application server. For the application server, the proxy server is the client.

The SOCKSv5 protocol, also known as authenticated firewall traversal (AFT), is an open Internet standard for performing network proxies at the transport layer. It resolves several issues that SOCKS version 4 protocol did not fully address or omitted:
Strong authentication
Authentication method negotiation
Address resolution proxy
Proxy for UDP-based applications

Control Flow of SOCKS

This figure shows the SOCKSv5 control flow model. The portion within the dashed-line represents SOCKSv4 functionality. Note that SOCKSv5 adds authentication.


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