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Hosting Plan

  • Basic Plan = INR 40/Month(100MB Space, 1 Email (100MB), DB - No, 1 Domain, Subdomain - No, 1 FTP)
  • Starter Plan = INR 50/Month(250MB Space, 1 Email (250MB), 1 Mysql DB, 1 Domain, 1 Subdomain, 1 FTP)
  • Starter Plan = INR 50/Month(250MB Space, 1 Email (250MB), 1 Mysql DB, 1 Domain, 1 Subdomain, 1 FTP)
  • Economy Plan = INR 90/Month(1GB Space, 20 Email (1GB), 10 Mysql DB, 1 Domain, 10 Subdomain, 10 FTP)
  • Deluxe Plan = INR 120/Month(5GB Space, 50 Email (5GB), 20 Mysql DB, 1 Domain, 50 Subdomain, 50 FTP)
  • Premium Plan (Cpanel) = INR 199/Month(Unlimited Space, Unlimited Email, Unlimited Mysql DB, Unlimited Domain, Unlimited Subdomain, Unlimited FTP)

Key Features & Benefits

  • 100% Source Code (Only For Websites)
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • 6 Months Free Update
  • 25% Discount - 2 Products
  • SEO Friendly Version
  • 200 Clients List
  • 5 Years Experience
  • Get Your Script In 5HR
  • Fully Customizable
  • Dedicated Support Team

K Technology Services

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Internet Marketing/SEO
  • Flash Development
  • Game Development
  • Hosting/Domain Services
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Payment Services
  • Open Source Development
  • Website Training
  • Website Advertisement
  • Database Management
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Software Application
  • Website Management

K Technology Solutions

Software List of Krishna Technology
  • ERP Solutions
  • CRM Solutions
  • Warehouse Solutions
  • Academic Solutions
  • Solution Integration
  • 3P Applications
  • 6.0
  • Infotrack

Solutions Integration

Focus Softnet's Solution Integration services enable clients to identify, develop, and implement the most appropriate solutions to their change requirements.

Growth in the SI services market is being fueled by the need for seamless business processes across a company's entire value chain of customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.

Focus Softnet solution integration services help you link applications to each other or with the established or planned IT infrastructure. Focus Softnet can help you design and implement application programming interfaces and master data conversion, plus migrate legacy data cost effectively. As a result, you can connect systems and process throughout the enterprise and optimize the value of your technology investments. The result is a solution that addresses your unique requirements, accelerates return on investment, and delivers business results.

Solution Integration is a critical area for companies due to various factors:

  1. Multiple systems for various functions that need integration
  2. Post mergers & acquisitions, systems & networks need integration
  3. New product implementations require integration with the other existing systems
  4. Need to maximize existing investments while delivering new solutions and increased business value
  5. Integrating with business partners, suppliers & customers to decrease inventory
  6. Reduce manual interactions

Focus Softnet offers integration services to help you solve your business problems in a manner unique to your business. We at Focus Softnet are committed to delivering fully-integrated solutions that meet your business and technical requirements. As a Solution Integrator, Focus Softnet provides total project management, right from architecture design, integration, system and interface development to migration.

Our ability to use reusable components that enable faster project execution and improved product understanding differentiates our SI services from our competitors.

The Focus Advantage

  1. Nearly two decades of experience
  2. Multi Domain Expertise
  3. Flexible methodologies in tune with customer processes
  4. Significant focus on SLA's leading to continuous improvement in efficiency
  5. Best practices that ensure optimal integration, stability, and performance
  6. A custom-developed interface that meets your specific business needs and supports your business objectives

Solution Integration has been a complex requirement for all enterprises ever since the concept of enterprise-wide computerization was introduced. Despite the assurances by solution developers about the solution being all requirements of an enterprise within single application. Requirements of solution integration is more where the enterprises go for high-valued ERP systems and not many organizations can afford to purchase licenses for all their branches and locations. As a cost reduction option they for smaller applications at outlets/branches, thus requirement of integration between applications arises.

EDI (Electronic Data Transfer) is the primary means of enterprise integration even today. EDI is widely used by companies seeking to link different applications provided by different vendors.

EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) is another method of Enterprise integration. The EAI integration offers proprietary interface to number of other packages thus providing out of box solution for many of the standard applications available in the market.

XML Integration though originally was intended to enable information sharing between publishers over the web, it has now been accepted as an integration tool. With more and more applications getting upgraded to Web-based technologies, XML integration is also becoming far more common as an integration technology.


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