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Auction Script - Auction Software

We are proud to announce that our latest and greatest version of our penny auction software has been released as a stable version.

New features include:
• Website Forum
• Improved security
• Improved performance
• Latest stable code
• IP checking to prevent a user registering too many accounts
• Buy Now feature!

And of course, all the standard reverse auction features such as:
• User registration and account verification.
• Buying bid packages.
• Bidding in the reverse auction format. Paying per bid and the price increasing by a set amount.
• The time increasing by 10 seconds (you can change this time in the CMS) every time a bid is placed.
• The winner of the auction is the leading bidder when the counter / clock reaches zero.
• The bid buddy system – the ability for users to 'book their bids' and for the software to bid automatically for the user.
• General pages such as terms and conditions and a help section which you can edit. Add your own pages also.
• A newsletter sign up system and newsletter sending capability.
• The ability for members to login, update their account, purchase more bids and pay for their won auctions.
• Paypal, Google Checkout and Plimus gateways for payment.
• Refer a friend section. Members get free bids by referring a friend.
• Invite a friend section. Members can invite there friends from Hotmail and Gmail accounts.
• Different auction types, including variable priced auctions, fixed price, penny auctions, 100% off and nail biter auctions.
• Ability to give users free bids.
• Ability for users to receive free bids for registering, for winning their first auction and for buying bid packages for the first time.

In the Content Management System (CMS) you will be able to:
• Add, edit, delete and manage auctions in a stock management system.
• List auctions based off the products.
• Set the auctions to automatically relist.
• Refund bids for an entire auction.
• View the winning bidder and update the status of the auction – e.g. paid, awaiting shipping, shipped and completed.
• View, edit, add, delete and suspend users.
• View users bidding history, purchased bid packages, add free bids to the user and refund bids for the user.
• Manage the website content such as the terms & conditions and help page content.
• View referrals from users.
• Set the bidding packages.
• Manage the website categories, add, edit and delete new categories, which can be unlimited levels deep.
• Send website newsletters to members signed up for the newsletter.
• Edit general website settings including turning on and off various features at a click of a button.
• Add, edit and delete countries that you want to include.
• Add, edit and delete articles for the latest news page.