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Question Bank

Question Bank Overview

A faster & easier way for test management

Question Bank is unique software developed by Ginger webs to overcome problem faced by the institutions in conducting daily, weekly and monthly test. This software is designed in such a manner that it keeps record in hierarchy of

Subject -> Units -> Chapters ->Questions. This software is based on GUI (Graphical User Interface) i.e. a windows based software, which makes it easier to understand and work. This software is developed, understanding the needs of the customer who do not want to spent time in managing and checking of papers.

Question entry:

Contains the questions, its four options and one correct answer. You can even add an image with question or with its four options. Image attached with the question need not to keep on hard disk. It is saved in the database. Able to manage unlimited questions in a chapter (depends upon your system storage capacity). You can edit/delete question any time. Superscript/Subscript/Symbol facility is readily available. Any type of question can be entered in the software.

Generating question paper:

Generating question paper through question bank is really easy and you can get your paper just in seconds. There are four ways in which you can generate test paper: -


Paper is being generated by computer, all you need to do is just specify how many questions you want from which subject, unit and chapter. You can create paper subject wise, unit wise and chapter wise. Question Paper could be from one chapter or more than one chapter.

Me & Computer:

This option is also somewhat similar to the previous option, but in this option you can also add question manually. For example in question paper of 100 questions you want 40 questions to be picked by computer randomly and you could pick the remaining 60 questions.

Combination of Numbers:

In this option you can specify two digits for example 4 & 6 then the computer will only pick those question who has question number contain either 4 or 6 like question number 14,4,16,6,26 etc.


In this option you can set an interval, this interval means the gap between the two question that computer should pick. For example you set the interval to 4 then the first question taken by the computer will be 1 and the next question taken by the computer will be 5 in the chapter specified by you.


Question Bank Features

Network Support

  • Software support networking, that means centralized data storage. You can enter data from multiple systems.

Print Quality

  • The print quality of the question paper is as good as any MS-Word of PageMaker file. You can create as many as design you want.

Customized Paer Design

  • Designs are fully customized and editable.

Four Set Created automatically

  • Qustion Bank automatically create from sets for any question Paper generated by Software. Answer sheet is created automatically with the four set of question paper. So there are four-answer sheet of the question paper.


  • Easy taking backup, as there is only one file to take back up.

No External Dependency

  • No external dependency, that means an image or equation once entered need not to be stored any more on hard disk.